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                    千泰塑膠原料有限公司為您提供PP.C101√。PP.C101√ 長期銷售PP.C101√運用高新技探測和分析塑膠原料的市場規則,建立完整的市場供應系統,為你提供佳服務和優質平價的產品:工程塑膠原料:PC、POM、PBT、EVA、PET、PAB、PC/ABS、ABS+PC、PPO、PPE、PPE+PC、PPO+PA、PC+PBT、PA6、PA66、PA46、PA6T、PA9T、PA11、PA12、PA66/6、ASA、AES、CA、MBS、PTFE、PFA、AS、TPX、PSU、CAP等,特種工程塑膠原料:PPS、LCP、PEI、POM+PTFE、PEK、PPA、PI、PU、PSF、PES、PEEK、COC、SPS、MS等、通用塑膠原料:ABS、PVC、PMMA、GPPS、HIPS、PO、PE、SAN(AS)、PP、HDPE、LDPE、LLDPE、MDPE、EPDM等、熱塑性彈性體料:TPV、TPU、SIS、POE、TPR、TPE、SBS、SEBS、TPEE、SEPS、TPO、K膠,能夠適合各硬度之需求, And high transparency, high bounce, multi touch, high wear resistance, yellowing resistance, flame retardant, hydrolysis resistance and other high performance characteristics, and a variety of engineering plastics, such as PC, ABS, PA, PS, PP, PE, etc.. Suitable for sports equipment, products, toys, game machine handle, car, electric tools, handle bags, hand tools, daily Shua teeth and a seal ring. Thousands of Thai plastic materials Co., Ltd. in the spirit of "customer, honesty first" principle, with a number of enterprises to establish a long-term cooperative relationship. Sincerely welcome your inquiries, business negotiations. /p> news tips; according to the 2012 revised "sunstroke prevention measures management measures" provisions, the employer arrange workers in the above 35 degrees high temperature weather in outdoor work and can not take effective measures to reduce workplace temperature to 33 DEG C, should grant high subsidies to workers. According to the new network (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter incomplete statistics, at present there are 28 provinces in the country clearly the region’s high temperature allowance payment standards. And Shandong, Shaanxi and other places are in the last year raised the subsidy standards. For example, last year, Shandong province will be engaged in outdoor operations and high temperature operation personnel allowance from 120 yuan per person per month rose to $200; non high temperature operation personnel rose to $80 per person per month. This is the province since 2006 for the first time raised the standard. Shaanxi high temperature allowance standard from the original 10 yuan per person per day increased to $25. In addition, Hebei province last year to develop a summer high temperature allowance trial standards. According to the standard, the workers engaged in outdoor work per hour (including overtime) 1.5 yuan; no cooling equipment or cooling equipment but not up to reduce workplace temperature effect of indoor workers per hour (including overtime) 1 yuan Santoprene [title] injection molding, blow molding, good physical properties. And chemical resistance, excellent anti - fatigue resistance, good resistance to ozone, high fluidity, application of automotive interior pads, seals and gaskets, electrical and electronic applications, industrial applications, hardness 68A, black.

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